There’s things I haven’t said
Upon the art of public speaking.
On pouring all your thoughts
Into some slides and maybe sneaking
In a rhyme or two, perhaps you are a poet.
But really you don’t have to be
You’ve knowledge just bestow it
Upon these lucky audiences
Sitting and absorbing
All the information that
You’re nervously reporting.
The key is your enthusiasm
Joy in pouring out
The things that you have learned
Or maybe sharing doubt
For you don’t have to be an expert
Wise in all the things there are.
It’s useful sharing what you think
Of things you find bizarre.
No one knows of everything
And everyone has gaps
Experience can be akin
To having worn-out maps
We think we know the way to go
And well-worn routes we strut
But that might mean we never
Look around and find the shortcut
It’s crucial that in every field
We welcome those who’re new
So take your place with pride
And show the world what you can do.